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Dance Floor Hire from Party Entertainment Hire | Equipment Hire | Yorkshire, West Yorkshire
Dance Floor Hire

Dance Floor Hire

Hire a Dance Floor for a wedding or party from Party Entertainment Hire

At Party Entertainment Hire we are dedicated to providing all the equipment and services that you will require for you special day. Whether your special day is a wedding or party will do our best to help you have a great day. One of the products that is central to a wedding or party is the Dance Floor Hire.

At a party the Dance Floor provides a place to have fun and enjoy the music that is playing. The Dance Floor is also usually at the middle of the venue with tables and chairs surrounding the Dance Floor making it the focal point of the venue.

At Party Entertainment Hire we have a quality range of Dance Floor Hire available, including two very popular styles. The first is the classic black and white tiled dance floor. The contrasting colours work extremely well together with the reflective surface complementing any lighting effects fantastically. The second style is the traditional parquet style which results in a wooden effect. This is similar to the other style in that it complements lighting well, however there are no sharp contrasting colours attracting focus. This style is much more of a low key Dance Floor but retains the same quality.

The Dance Floor Hire from Party Entertainment Hire is available in different sizes from 4ft x 4ft to 15ft x 15ft, with the black and white style going up to 16ft x16ft. Our Dance Floor Hire is provided in full units on trolleys, so if you are wanting a larger dance floor you will require another set.

If you are interested in the Party Entertainment Hire Dance Floor Hire then click HERE to learn more about this product hire, you can also click HERE to contact us to enquire about this product.

Another service that Party Entertainment Hire provides is Entertainment. So if you want to fill up your Dance Floor quickly then click HERE to let us know what type of entertainment you are looking for. You can also look through our Entertainment tab to have a look at all the talent that we have a close connection with.