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DJ Tony Sykes | Entertainment Hire | Wakefield, Leeds, Yorkshire

DJ Tony Sykes

DJ and Entertainer

This world class musical presentation is the result of nearly thirty years of perfecting the art of presenting music for individuals who have specific requirements.

Tony’s knowledge in the music industry is vast ranging from the 1920s, ballroom dancing, sequence dancing, right through to the present day, not forgetting Tony’s experience in working in the country’s most famous night clubs, achieving many accolades including the title of “Mobile Maestro” in the national press.

Tony’s understanding of an audience and ability to know what to play and when to play it has ensured he has maintained a career which he has led the field of presenting music in the mobile music scene and enjoyed travelling world wide to entertain many big names and indeed many private parties.

After years of design and development, Tony has also produced a sound system, which is unrivalled anywhere and also ensures it provides Tony the quality required to perform his art. It is a myth that the bigger and louder a system is, the better the experience. This professional concert sound system delivers, quality which delivers a comprehensive crystal clear audio which would excite any crowd of people.

If you want a DJ who can deliver your brief through a sound system that will excite your guests, whether you require a quieter top end experience or you’re looking for power and impact that most night clubs would envy, you are assured exceptional quality, clarity and a package which will not fail to impress your clients or friends.

Many bands also ask to play through the sound system due to its quality. This also helps optimise space at venues and maintain a premium audio experience throughout your event.

Music is a passion to Tony and indeed he has taught many top names in the industry who through his high standards have moved on in life to present music in their own unique way; however, Tony continues to be known as the daddy of the industry. He has perfected for many years exciting people through their kind of music.

Tony believes that when he is engaged to present a private or indeed a public night the art of a top quality DJ is to play what the crowd ask for and indeed in a private situation deliver whatever the people who have booked his services exactly what they ask him to deliver.

If you would like to speak to Tony to talk through any requirements you may have please email him directly or telephone 01977 793222 in office hours or indeed anytime on 07885 322748.

I look forward to speaking to you very soon

Kind regards
Tony Sykes