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Fog Machine Hire | Equipment Hire | Wakefield, Leeds, Yorkshire

Low Fog Machines / Fog Machines Hire

Low fog machine / Fog machine

Here is a great way to add that something very special to your event. A low fog machine adds a low fog effect to a dance floor so people can dance through the low lying fog to give that extra special effect and that something quite different. Please note this machine relies on having a good supply of ice and low fog fluid. We can supply the low fog fluid however it is down to you to supply the ice!

This machine copies the old dry ice effect that was very popular for many years and still to this day is very effective in theatres and films. This machine brings down the massive costs that a few years ago to gain this effect would have cost a fortune!

A typical smoke machine can be hired rather than the low fog machine option, these machines throw out large quantities of fog however smaller machines can be hired for smaller parties

We supply the low fog fluid, and general fog fluid we do also have some fragrances for fog fluid, please ask about the fragrances available. Please note all fluids are charged on top of the hire of a fog machine.